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clare eats

I think that your entry definately gave me a taste of Canada... a bittersweet story...

but the bannock and wild blueberries looks fantastic! is bannock abit like damper?


Lyn, what a very beautiful post. You really know how to write and touch our hearts. I'm so glad you had the idea of this event. See what you started?

Yours is, unfortunately, a Canada I do not know and I wish I did. My Canada is the cities, and the supermarkets, and ready-made stuff. As unusual to me at the start as your memories of growing up. But I'm going to try your Bannock and Wild Blueberry Jam and imagine. Thanks for sharing those beautiful memories.


Felicitations from a U.S. North American to a Canadienne North American on your country's day! Wonderful blog today, thank you!


Your Canada sounds like a Girl Guide Camp! Albeit a girlguide camp far more exotic and exciting than any I ever went on.
We just used to mix flour and water into a dough, wrap it around a stick, shove it in the campfire and when cooked, dunk it in the jam.
Your version looks far more palatable and delcious!

Great idea you had for an event, Lyn, I hope to see it spread trhough other countries and their national daya too.


Great idea Lyn and a very happy Canada day (just between you and me, it's my favourite North American country)

"decorated with beads"!?


I love blueberry, and blueberry produts, of course blueberry jam. But I know well that to make jam takes a lot of time and needs hands. I prefer buying them in good bakery. Of course, it's not better thant what we make for ourselves.


Great post. I had bannock once in Sask. I should make that for my neice, give her a taste of Canada.

Btw, I made the chocolate tart last night. It was scrumptious.


is bannock of scottish descent? It sounds so Scottish to me?


What a wonderful essay. And such an amazing childhood you had! How funny that I chose to log on to your blog while I sipped my frozen blueberry smoothie. Alas, the blueberries were from Trader Joe's and not picked by me in the wilds of Canada, but I did harvest a mess of raspberries in the garden this morning to be made into tartlets this afternoon. Unless I decide to make some jam and bannock instead! Happy Canada Day to you!


Ah, I want to go camping right now! Such evocative writing - makes me want to cook over an open fire...

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