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I'm a bit of an Epicurious junkie myself...I'll start off looking for one thing, and an hour and a half later I've run through forty pages of printed out recipes!

I adore jambalaya, which is odd considering I never had it until years after I became a vegetarian. But thanks to some pretty fine veggie meats (including shrimp and crab!), I can make a meat-filled version for Matt, and a meat-FREE pot for me.


epicurious is nice, but why limit yourself to their database. The search engine at is focused toward recipes and gives a much wider range of results.

clare eats

I heart Chorizo lol
that looks sooo good!... It is good made with aborio too :)


I have my own recipe. I use big gambas, portuguese chorizo and smoked ham. Yours looks very tasty. beautiful photos, too!


Looks very tasty Lyn. Of course the chorizo immediatly caught my attention. The photo is absolutely fantastic.


Oh yum. I love jambalaya. Since I can't get andouille here, I'll have to try it with chorizo - great tip. And it seems thoughts of New Orleans food must be in the air - I just posted about it too!


Hey there...I know exactly what you mean about Epicurious...a lot of times I have an ingredient but no plan....I plug the name in and bingo, dozens of ideas...I usually crib a little from this one, a little from that one until I've got something to work with...your blog is absolutely beatutiful!


I just discovered your blog. I love this recipe, and am going to make a mental note of it, and bookmark you.

Thanks so much.


This looks great, Lyn. I have to make this, since the BF would love it too. I wonder how it would be with smoked Spanish paprika...

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