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Wow! What a great idea and your picture is pretty scrumptious too. I love mushrooms and yet rarely think to eat them in something by themselves. Thanks Lyn!


Hi Lyn,
Muhrooms can be more sumptuous with a typical Italian White sauce and Pimenton pepper. Mushrooms paired with toast can make a main meal with some crisp salad filling the platter, yea having it with some white wine can always make the meal going great


Hi there - what a fabulous photograph! This reminds me of getting garlic mushrooms on toast at the pub when I'm in England! You're right- it's a super lunch dish. Creamed mushrooms sounds even better, though, so I am anxious to try it!
p.s. I took the liberty of linking you to my (brand new) blog!


Beautiful photo, Lyn! And what a perfect winter recipe. Thank you, m'dear.


Chubby Hubby is hosting DMBLGIT this month. Hint. Hint.

Lovely, beautiful photo. The steam! Amazing.


I'm betting on this photo in the DMBLGIT...just perfect...!


Hi Lex and congratulations on the DMBLGIT win! I happy to say "I told you so!"


Congratulations on winning DMBLGIT. I was quite excited because I was betting on you for the winner from the first time I saw your photo. Truly amazing.


Congrats on winning DMLBGIT. Your photo is absolutely gorgeous.


Stephen, Kalyn, Ruth,

Thanks fo much for the congratulations. I still can't beleive I won with so many fantastically talented photographers in the group!

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