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Beautiful post. Love the potato lore.Going out now to buy roquefort to add to mash, so cant talk...

Ian McKenzie

I'm thinking the blue cheese and parsley would also be pretty good with a grilled rare steak.


This post is fantastic. The little potato sculptures are perfect.

I recently made a mash with chicken fat and the browned onions and grebenes (cracklins) that were a product of the fat rendering. Very different from the kind containing dairy and really good. I also recommend cream cheese in place of other dairy products. Goes well in combination with sweet veggie bits like corn and peas. I'm eager to try all your variations, especially the one with parmesan.


I still have fond memories of following your instructions last year re New Orleansesque olive salad and mashed potatoes. Nostalgic in more than one way. xoxo


wow- nice money shot there with the steam coming off of the blues! Mine have always cooked out to a grey with a hint of lavendar- your color is stellar.


nice post iam always looking for new ingredeints to add to mashed potatoes.. picture looks perfect

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