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"panacotta addict"

Hey I tried your recipe for panacotta!!!! it was lovely!!!! Thanks bunches!

"panacotta addict"

Brendan Johns

Isn't a panacotta a solid cream based dessert? This looks like it would not hold shape if released from the glass. Please advise.


In my exp. panacotta isn't exactly solid - its more like a thick,jelled custard. Traditionally thickened (at least partly) with egg yolk, but more often now with gelatin. And yes, it's made of cream. Panna Cotta is Italian for "cooked cream". I'ts also sometimes made of other stuff: buttermilk, coconut milk, plain milk... It can be served either from a mould in which case, it should be firmer than if it's served in a dish. Some of the best panacotta's I've had were so delicate and barely jelled that they probably wouldn't have stayed together if unmoulded.

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