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sounds delicious.
I can give you some yellow cast hints.
Does your camera have a white balance? If so - that should be your first place of adjustment.

If you don't get the pic right when you take it, then you can so some little post magic on it instead..
do you have photoshop or acdc or picassa?
I can't do it from work but will try tonight at home, bettering your photo with each of those 3 softwares and then let you know which method worked best. Photoshop will definitely work and the other two probably will.
In the meantime you can check out this post I wrote a while back:

and also look at kitchen conference:
where you'll find quite a few posts on the subject.

good luck!



Your dessert sounds so good! I think it's so funny how most of us started our posts with, "My first instinct/thought when I heard what the ingredients were for Paper Chef #3 was...", and that we all had such different interests!

I'm glad you branched out from your panacotta and gave us this wonderful entry.



Lyn, these look and sound absolutely scrumptious! And your husband sounds a lot like my own...he has been known to eat all types of raw dough: pasta, bread, cookie, name it! I don't know what happens to them but I could never stomach raw dough..other than cookie dough, I guess.

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