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Cupcakes, a vale of tears. Tasty though.

Zarah Maria

"Hello, my name is Zarah. I'm a frosting-aholic too." You wanna share a room at the Betty Crocker Lyn?! The cupcakes look divine!


i love how half of the cupcake is made up from frosting. now that's my kind of cupcake! if anything, i'm going to have to try that frosting recipe. :)


That is the beauty of the cupcake: the high frosting to cake ratio. Although, after a while I just skipped straight past the cupcake and just ate the frosting by itself. It's positively silky.


Wow, those look yumtastic!

You've seen this, right??


Its ok, Ive been known to eat icing from the bowl too. When I was a kid, Id eat all my cupcakes from the bottom up, so as to save the frosting for last. This frosting looks delectable. And since it has less butter, it cant be that bad, right? :-)


Yum, I'm loving the chocolate pistachio combo. These are pretty complexly flavored cupcakes!


Thanks, Lyn! I'm happy to keep you from job-stress, or wosrse!

Your cakes look fantastic...chocolate and pistacio? Mmm...


Talk about a dire warning - but I'm not put off. I'll take my chances with the frosting!


They look BLOODY good! Actually, I've been looking for a recipe to use up some pistachios I bought at Christmas, which were never used. I've been storing them in the freezer...hmmm...I hope they're still ok. Not cheap, pistachios!

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