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Oh, I adore pralines! Wonderful choice for SHF - it's hard to find a decent one (or one at all) here in LA. Thanks for the recipe.


great pics
and your post is funny
unfortunately my cheesecakes weren't really suitable for taking to work so i ended up eating them all which isnt good news for my thighs


Oh! Tell Randy i'm already hating him for the extra pounds I'm putting on! There is nothing, and I mean nothing better than a well made praline. Simple, yet wonderful. You never tire of eating them. That's why I call them evil!


i cant believe ive never come across your blog before this! im so glad i did, these pralines look fabulous. im sort of afraid to make them, as i know id probably eat a good portion of the batch myself! hrm, maybe when there's a lot of people in the house, ill give it a go. (by the way, i love the gravity-defying photo!)


I love pralines and yours look so delectable! You might be interested in my praline mousse as well...
Keep up the good work!


i've only tried making pralines once before.. and it wasn't very successful!! i'm going to have to make this to redeem my praline-making ways! they look fantastic! :)


Yum! I'm kind of embarrassed to say, Pralines are something I haven't quite sunk my teeth into before. The Sweet Potato Queens Cookbook and this are about to make me a reformed woman though... its not that I don't want them, I just missed out on that Southern experience.

Glad to have found your site!


beautiful pralines--I'm so glad the French were in New Orleans--now I can make them, too!


Oh, why can't I work in your office? These pralines look absolutely devine! And scrumptious. And delicious. Wow. Now I'm drooling.

Thanks SO MUCH for sharing this recipe...I'm definitely going to be filtching it very VERY soon!

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