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this is so gorgeous! i love chai too, and id be interested to see what it tastes like in dessert. great entry!


This is my first time on your blog. Just wanted to say that I think this chai panna cotta is genius! I'll try to make this.


this chai panacotta rocked my birthday party! thank you!


thanks very much for this panacotta recipe

I tried to make an earl grey one on it's own the other day and it was quite plain and a little sickly.

But I will now make your stripey chai one. It looks far superior

Just one question, How do you keep the cream from setting while the individual layers set?


Sam - The layers set really fast because they are so think. They each take maybe 10 minutes in the freezer. During that time the wrmth of the pot will keep the other layers liquid. If the cream does start to set up while you're waiting to use it, just put it back on the heat for a minute to soften it up.


Thanks for your quick reply, I'm enjoying your blog very much.
Just another quick question

What kind of vanilla are you using, you don't specify in the ingredients list.
We use a very strong powdered vanilla extract, a tablespoon of which would blow your head off!

Many thanks


Wow. This chai panacotta looks BEAUTIFUL. Excellent presentation. Say: why Earl Grey to start with though? I have this coconut chai tea, and I thought to myself, self, what if we used THIS tea, as well as the masala ingredients suggested here... and then used a tiny bit of coconut extract for a subtle hint of flavour in the cream layer. Do you think this would be too much? Does the simplicity of this dish need the purity, not a "dash of something" --? Or do you think it's all about the individual taste?

By the way, once again: WOW. Did I mention wow?


Could you please let me know which cream did you use to make this masala chai pana cotta


After making this panacotta ,how long can i keep .to be in the refrigerator.

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