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hi, your saturday was really well-knit. Yes, taste food, fresh air, suitable walk.. Everything was well harmonised with serenity of mind


Oh my! I was just mentioning my love of lamb shanks over at Chubby Hubby. And here you are, making the exact dish I've been craving. They must have been the perfect punctuation to a glorious Saturday.


That is one good lookin' shank. Of course, if you know me, I'm just dreaming about that bone and the marrow inside. Mmmwahahaha!!


Thanks. I thought it was a pretty darn close to perfect day. Funny how the best days like that just sort of happen, organically, instead of being planned....


It was pretty good.
I hope you're in for the Canada Day event.

I know what you mean. My uncle Marvin used to gross us kids out by cracking bones and sucking out the marrow. Then I grew up and got to like it. My husband started gagging at the table on Saturday night when I tried to dig the marrow out. It was kind of funny. So I did it more! Mmmwahahaha!!


I also love Lamb Shanks. Your rendition does makes for a nice spring-time alternative. In L.A., we experience what they call "June Gloom" (overcast skys due to a heavy marine layer). The lightening of the recipe is fitting for these days.

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