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clare eats

Oh Lyn!
they are sooooooooo cute!
We are doing a weekend cat blogging thing if you are interested.

You should get a kitten harness and a brush and nail clippers and drives in the car and start ASAP, Kiri doesnt mind anything like that at all cause I started so young (when we got him at 12 weeks)

I cant wait for more photos!



We got the harness and clippers already and are strating with them this weekend. The car ride home from the SPCA was a bit traumatic so might wait for a week or two before we start with that.

They had their first baths at the weekend as they were a bit stinky, esp after Matty stepped in her own poo. With all four paws!

We just fell in love with them when we saw them. They are curled up on my lap right now. Matty is sleeping on top of Fitzy!

I'll be adding a kitties photo album later tonight so check back. There are at least 40 photos already!

The kitty blogging thing sounds good. What is it?


Dear god, they are adorable!

I keep seeing kitty cat photos, and of course I want one, too. But Matt is very much a cat-hater.
Not just 'I don't *care* for them'; hubby hates them. And cats *know* should see the looks they give him.

I keep telling him a cat would be a great thing to have around, to catch mice (old house)...but I've yet to sell him on that. I mean, two dogs already...we need a kitty, as well!


They are so very cute Lyn. My own Ms.Beige is about 10 years old now.


Awww, I'm a sucker for kitties...they are adorable!

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