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wow, very impressive! it looks and sounds absolutely delicious. I've recently discovered the joys of moroccan inspired recipes, I'll definitely add this one to my list to try. And I eagerly await future news of your organic venture :)


Boy, does that look good! I'll have to try your buttermilk-marination method. By the way, I really enjoy your blog and your recipes... I'm getting lots of inspiration!


I was going to make something similar, I am so glad I didn't...because yours looks AMAZING. Deee-lish.


Oh! Can I come for dinner? I'll bring the dessert! :-D This looks fab!


wow. moroccan food is somewhat new to me, but with the flavors and spices in your recipe, i am sure i would love it. i need to try this! thank you!


Another great entry. We love a good roast chicken in our house and have been getting in a rut - I think it is time to try Moroccan style!


Lynette, this is glorious. I'm wild for Middle Eastern food in general, and Moroccan is probably my top pick. Not only would I love this, but so would the s.o., who's fond of sweet and savory combos...


i have made this food tnx for recipes ..

Leiah Beck

I am absolutely in love with your recipes and have tried many (corn/peach salsa, coffee bison roast, dark chocolate truffles etc. etc.)everything has always turned out fantastic... In fact I have two of your recipes on the go for tonight, this one and the cranberry and old cheddar cookies.

I just want to thank you for the many tasty meals and treats since I found your blog!

I look forward to this chicken tonight (I may try it on the rotisserie instead of just in the oven)


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