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clare eats

I have tagged you for the 5 cookbook cooking meme :)


Wow - that looks fantastic! I used to eat cheese and mango chutney on bread, but I imagine this would be even better. Recipe filed!


What an interesting recipe. I'm going to try it. I'm not a big tomato lover, but this sounds really yummy.


What gorgeous photographs of all-too frequently overlooked ingredients!


I will get on that right away.

It is a lovely sweet/tangy mellow chutney taste. If you like chutney, you'll love this.

Give it a try. It's not really a tomato taste. It's a surprisingly sweet and tnagy taste. Very much like chutney.

That's a good point. Mainly we treat onions and tomatoes as an ingredient rather than a feature player in a dish.

I love these tiny flat onions. They are only about an inch or two across at the most. They are sweet and tender, if a pain to peel.

They had a strange name on the sign at the shop where I got them on Friday night (which I promptly forgot), but when I went back on Sunday to find out wwhat the name was, they were gone (the shop, not the onions...well I guess, strictly speaking the onions were gone too!). I looked in Larousse, and was surprised the "onions" entry didn't have them.

Do you have any idea what they are?


Your visuals are gorgeous ... and the recipe sounds wonderful. But I especially liked the story of your mother feeding your spirit and your sister kicking your shins. *that's love*


Hi Lyn, are they cipolline onions, perhaps? They've even got a website:


There was a lot of love in my family. My sister used to put vaseline in my hair.

They are indeed. You're brilliant.


Wow Lyn, this recipe looks amazing. Next time I'm at the farmers market I'll pick up enough fresh tomatoes to give this a try.



Ah, your memories give me hope for my two little ones, who love to scream a lot and hit each other.

Your shots look gorgeous, your writing is a delight, and I can't wait to try the recipe. Brava!

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