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clare eats

This looks fantastic Lyn.
I am so going to make this! Of course I cant make this out of bison....


Outstanding, Lyn! I am a big fan of Asian inspired meat dishes - and this looks so delicious and glisteny. Yum yum yum!


Oh my. It is hotter than heck in my apartment and I have NO desire to cook. But now I want bison short ribs. There is no way you could courier some over to an exceedingly greatful girl in Ontario, could you? Seriously stunning, Lyn!


Mmmm, the ribs were great, but they sound even better here - how is that possible? Maybe we have to come over and have them again!


hi lyn, i was wondering how much black rice did you put in the rice cakes? they look absolutely lovely!
and i wanted to make sure, did you use the stuff that's also called "emperor" or "forbidden rice"? i'm assuming it's precooked before you make it into rice cakes.



I mixed about 1/2 cooked sushi rice and 1/2 cooked black rice. It's usually just called "black sticky rice" or "purple sticky rice" in the Asian grocery I buy it from.

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