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clare eats

Wow! what a post
canola, the cutest buns, awesome cherries and a 1950's cookbook! We need to have a 1950's cookoff!!!! what do you think? complete with food styling ;)


that cherry photo: what an eye you have. and yes, Rainiers are the absolute best. I'm scouting them for clafoutis as we speak. xoxo


I JUST saw Rainier cherries at the fruit stand and rejected them because (Yikes, I'm ashamed to admit it) I'd never seen them before and the whiteness disturbed me. I guess I should race back and get some to try!

Ah yes, canola fields! They are beautiful, aren't they? When I was a kid growing up in Alberta, canola was still called rapeseed and beside almost all of the rapeseed fields were signs saying "warble control". Are those still posted too?

I have a wonderful 1950's paperback that I stole from my mother's kitchen when I left to go to school: "The Kate Aitken Cookbook". It has 'tips for brides' under several of the recipes. I still consult that book when I'm making pancakes or cookies.



Love that picture of a cherry. I love all cherries but we don't get them in the fruit stands over here. I've only seen the strawberries!


I was just in MI and almost bought some there, but there were 2.99lb and I was too cheap. Im glad now, cause i saw them here in Ontario for 2.77lb. Believe it or not, Ive been to Regina and Saskatoon.

Jo Dee

Yum - I love rainer cherries! I live in Scotland so needless to say cherries in general are hard to come by! I have actually seen rainers before, but they are very expensive for a tiny amount - 500g for £5! When I visisted Alberta this summer I had a bag from the grocery store every day!

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