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This looks great. Now I know Turkish Delight is do-able at home, I must try it. Thanks so much.


Oh, Lyn! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Having grown up with the Chronicles of Narnia, Turkish Delight has long been one of those intriguingly 'foreign' treats I've not really had the chance to try. Now I can!

And Iove your choice of flavors. Nice job.


Beautiful Turkish Delight Lyn.


Will definitely try this - usually I stay away from Turkish Delights because they're too sweet, but your recipe looks just right (and yummy too!)


Turkish delicght is my favourite treat and I like what you've done with. I'll have to make some and eat them all myself.

clare eats

This looks soooo good lyn! YUM! I have always wanted to make turkish delight!


as my comments have blatantly demonstrated, I'm not the calibre of cook usually found among your readers ... but I am a perfumista and the cherry/almond confection that is turkish delight is known among us as two incredible fragrances: Serge Lutens Rahat Loukhoum and Keiko Mecheri Loukhoum ... now, to see a jasmine/green tea variation makes me wonder how THAT confection translates to scent. Does it smell as wonderful as it looks/tastes? xoxo


I too have that same Narnia feeling about Turkish Delight. When I was a kid there was a candy bar called Big Turk, which was chocolate coverred turkish delight. I went through a period of eating exclusively that kind of candy bar after reading the Narnia books

It smells divine when it's cooking.

I usually find Turkish delight too sweet as well but this one is not too sweet.


I have a habit of writing wow in a lot of food blog comment boxes, its just the perfect word (gasp?) to capture how I intially respond to an entry...and this day and this entry, well, I think deserves a double. SO,


I love it!



Hi Everyone, I'm new to this blog.

This recipe looks like something I could try. I've never had jasmine tea (although I've had jasmin rice and love the fragrance).

This will a good opportunity to get the tea!


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