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clare eats

YUM Lyn!!!!
I think it must be the Australian thing... I LOVE Lamb *baaa*
The salsa is a great idea!


It must be a commonwealth thing - I am mad for lamb too. It was the undoing of 10 years vegetarianism for me.
+ I really love the taste of crispy lamb fat.

I used to make a recipe back in the UK 5 or 6 years ago, I think I got it in a magazine - anyway it was a tabbouleh (cous cous grain) with nectarines, red onion and mint intead of tomato, cucmber and parsly. It was a delicious, so I know for a fact your salsa must be wonderful too.


As a lover of rare lamb roasts I salute you. Nicely captured pic too, I might add.

Rural cognoscenti will argue for mutton but I don't want to get into that here.


Hey, we Americans love the lamb, too!

Well, at least, I do. And I admit to being weirdly European in my tastes for an American--it is because on one side of the family, I a set of great grandparents were British immigrants (Welsh and Ango-Irish) so on that side of the family, we ate Brit food that no one else had heard of in West Virginia. On the other side of the family, my great-grandparents were German immigrants who were farmers and butchers--so I grew up eating lamb and mutton and saurbraten and suchlike as that. Again, stuff that most West Virginia kids would turn their noses up at.

So here I am. Looking lustfully upon your lamb roast and thinking about that leg of lamb in my freezer....


Lamb is amazing just on it's own but your peach and mint salsa is a brilliant idea! Well done!


Oh... this just sounds so delicious.

Did you read my little rant about a wine education? I always used to think of lamb as "red wine" meat, until I had a bit of an education a few weeks ago.

I bet your lamb would be absolutely amazing with a crisp rose.

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