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clare eats

Wow Lyn
you out did yourself again!
This looks fantastic. I didnt realise that is was so hard to get figs???? Whats up with that?

Zarah Maria

I was also thinking figs and honey, but figs weren't there, so I went for cherries - eh, what can you do!? Sounds lovely this combo though Lyn! Mmmm, creme brulee...


Good heavens what a fantastic dessert. Hey girl, you have the makings of a professional chef! Ever thought of leaving the corporate law behind?


Lyn, I just added you to the roundup. Thanks for a great entry, as usual, for this month's SHF!

clare eats

Hi Lyn
I have tagged you for a childhood memories meme


Love the photos and now have a new version of creme brulee to try


Your dessert sounds amazing. I found fresh figs in Calgary just last year and I was sooo excited. I didn't make anything with them though, I just ate them by themselves. Now I think I might try this for dessert tomorrow. Thanks!


hi liz, that looks 'art of the tart' and 'tarts with tops on' too - how to not with titles like that ;) though find that she tends to give recipes in broad strokes...


Lyn - what a great recipe!

Thanks for joining in on SHF again this month!


Wow, what a great recipe! Post some more.

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