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Crafty shopping, I just can't bring myself to spend big bucks on cookbooks (although a couple of exceptions). My faves are second hand ethnically focussed cookbooks.

Oh and BTW apparently if you drink urine, your asparagus will smell like piss. True.


I bought nibbled on sale as well! I couldn't resist the mini presentations and interesting flavour combinations.


Have you seen James Lileks' "Gallery of Regrettable Food"? You can find a link to it at He's taken most of the best photos/descriptions and put them in the book, but there are still pages in the web version that make me snort out loud.


Oooh, I hope you'll participate in our Virtual 40's-70's Party this weekend!! Spam and Pickle Loaf would be perfect!

Zarah Maria

My favorite past-time - spending money on cookbooks! I wish I would spend more money on quirky ones like that retro one, but I always stand there with something Jamie Oliver/Nigella Lawson/Donna Hay "standard" in one hand and the quirky one in the other - and end up going for the standard one, thinking I'd never make something from the weird book. But we all know that cookbooks are not just for making food from, they make for GREAT reading too! I'm just so unadventurous! (Or maybe I'm just stingy, ha!)


Dn't you just love Chapters and their remaindered cookbooks? I bought six the other day at prices between 7.99, 9.99, and 15.99. I always have to refrain myself otherwise I would end up with tons of books.

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