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I think I can honestly say that this is the most delicious looking poached pear I have ever seen. The color is just stunning!


Hey peachy!
The photo is be-U-Tee-full, but the font is so teeny-tiny, I cant read a word of it! Pout.


Yum.. I love poached pears. Actually made a poached pear cheesecake recipe I got from a friend recently. With port, red wine, sugar, cloves, cinnamon, star anise, and vanilla beans.. but I think I want to try this one too!

A guy qho cooks

The recipe doesn't say what to do with the 1/2 cup of caster (i.e. superfine) sugar. I assumed that it went in before the egg, but I didn't want to wreck it, so I tasted carefully along the way. It was certainly sweet enough with only 1/4 cup, and thickened just fine.
They were a huge hit at Christmas dinner.


Guy who cooks - Sorry, I should have explained what to do with the sugar! It also should have been a 1/4 cup! I really need an editor.

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