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WOW. Wonderful picture. My mouth is watering.


that's beautiful lyn. I LOVE pavlova. It's a family tradition. We used to have a typed out recipe copied from a book, and someone wrote on it "Serves 8, or just one B-Family. Yes the four of us could polish the whole thing off in one meal. no problem.
I can't even imgine it making it as far as the freezer.
me and my teenage girlfriends all of us chose it for our birthday dessert every year.
I found how to make the meringue really white by following a donna hay recipe. You have to cook it very low and very long.
Me - i think it tastes better when it's a little brown and chewy under the crispy bits.



I got kind of impatient and turned the heat up so mine were a bit yellowish. I'd rather have yellowish pavlovas that are ready when Iwant to eat them than white ones that i have to wait for.


What a gorgeous picture! I've never had a pavlova, but I'm certainly tempted now.


I adore pomegranates, but have never done more than eat them "as is". These pavlovas sound divine and look festive ... Thanks for sharing the recipe!


Beautiful pavlovas, Lyn - I especially love the deep ruby colour of the pomegranate seeds (mine are just red, not deep ruby sadly).

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