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I can totally understand your fondness for Cheez Whiz; there are times when all I want is a grilled cheese sammie made with those plastic-wrapped Kraft singles, with a big blob of ketchup on the side. Love the Spam slogan; sounds like it belongs on ...

Happy holidays!


Cheez Whiz!

Wow...haven't had that in years, but it makes me think of my late Grampa. So does the Spam, for that matter. He hated eating spaghetti, because he said it had so much during the War, he couldn't stand it anymore. Yet, he'd gladly open a can of SPAM and fry it up. To which I say 'huh?'.

I, too, like those little cheese and cracker's probably the red wand!

Looks like some good cookbooks...maybe you'll find some nice appetizers to bring to the next Blog Party! (shameless plug)

Wishing you a happy new year!


Here's my gourmet contribution: Cheese Whiz is great sprayed onto salty pretzels. (Don't tell the eGullet people I said so, please.)

And yay for kitchen gifts! My husband was embarrassed to give me presents for the kitchen because he thought it seemed selfish, like a 60s sitcom husband. But the kitchen presents were the best ones of all!

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