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please tell me you got the grits!!


Actually yes.. yes I do know how hard it is to get crawfish around here.. unfortunately.

Actually you can get fresh imported if you order a giant pile of them (be prepared to pay!)


Most of Emeril's recipes I've seen include the recipe for his "essence" (which always conjures up weird mental pictures). I mix up a big jar and use it when I run out of Tony Chachere's. It's similar but far less salty. I can dig out the recipe if you want - mostly paprika, cayenne, thyme, oregano, garlic & onion powder, etc.

Al bird

please tell me where in Edmonton you can find Andouille Sausage. came cak form cocal and crave the flavor of this in jambalya


Crawfish=Crayfish - actually Edmonton is full of edible crawfish! Live ones that have been introduced to the ponds, rivers & streams. Apparently there is an area near Beaumont that is thriving with Crawfish just ready for a gumbo! BTW there is no catch restriction on crayfish nor is a license required.

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