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This looks so delicious. Makes me ashamed that I have not taken advantage of having lemon trees. Thanks for the inspiration!


oh, heaven!

I was at a friends the other day and she had out a bowl of lemon curd with slices of ginger shortbread to dunk. It was such a wonderful combination.

thanks for the reminder


I love to make lemon curd, too...really good as a topping for blueberry pancakes.


I don't know why but I've always been a little afraid to make lemon curd. I think it's time I face my fear! Never thought of Pavs with lemon curd ... I have to try it!


Wow, my mouth is watering at the idea of biting down into the curd and the chewy meringue. Beautiful stuff.


I agree - once you taste homemade, there is no going back.

MM - Don't be intimidated to try it - it's quite easy.

It also freezes very nicely, so you can make a larger batch and keep it on hand.


What if I don't have an immersion blender?


Iguess you could use a regular blender...


Iguess you could use a regular blender...

Susannah Brown

Hi - just happened upon your lemon curd recipe - mouth watering - so going to give it a try....
..however real reason i am writing is to ask if you or any Australian friends or contacts have a recipe for Eggless Brownie - it's a boiled fruit cake [without eggs !] that my mum used to make when we lived in Tassie more years ago that I care to remember. but when we came home the recipe came too and Eggless Brownies were part of the fabric of life. Sadly it got lost when I last moved house - and mum is no longer with us. All searching into Aussie cookbooks have drawn a blank. So if you could help - it would be fantastic..i have tried to 'make it up' but not too successfully...



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