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Interesting post.

To be honest I've never had grits and they're not part of my cooking repertoire. However, your recipe sounds delicious and I agree that they would make a lovely meal with a refreshing salad. Definitely worth a try.

Good for you for championing an often overlooked dish!

By the way, thanks for being a food magazine reader! I am often the butt of jokes for my food magazine addiction (I can't think of any other word for it). But as I keep telling people, there are some really worthwhile ideas in there!



Hear, hear! I'm a huuuuuge grits fan. I make them with shrimp and beer gravy.

clare eats

I have never tried grits, and I have no idea where to purchas them either :(


I just can't bring myself to eat them. And I'm living in the South!


i never heard of grits til i came to the us.
I have had a couple of really good examples in retaurants.
And some appallingly bad versions too. Those terrible versions are what give grits a bad name, I think.


Clare - try an italian grocer - thats where I get mine locally (in with the polenta). Otherwise I'm pretty sure USA Foods in melbourne carries it. They do internet orders. just google them and their website will come up.
Erica - I am all over your recipe. I'll be making it for supper tonight. I wonder is it an originally Cajun recipe as it has the holy trinity (peppers, celery and onion)? As I have all the ingredients in my house right now, This is going to be supper!
Stephanie - get on the grits wagon dear. You'll not be disappointed. Just do simple cheesey grits for unde a poached egg and some spinach. You'll be hooked. It's such an easy breakfast.
Sam - I agree, bad grits can be shocking. but the good ones make up for it.


just got back from the south TODAY!! i had grits again while i was visiting friends & miss living in the good ole (yeah right) south ALL over again. i dont recommend the italian route. while it IS the same thing, technically, the southern 'breakfast' grits are a touch different than italian polenta style... more delicate, white, yummier in a way. i promise i'll send u some if u email me your address. i leave again for norway next friday, so let me know!


I adore grits. I grew up eating them in Florida( but my mom didnt make them, I worked at Amex and our cafeteria served them). For some odd reason they dont sell them here either, but I just hop down to MI and pick up some. They arent like the milled premium grits I order from Hoppinjohn but they'll do in a pinch. I can canada post you some if you want!!


you are rare, rare, rare. The only Canadian grits afi·cio·na·do we know. And the recipe looks wonderful, thank you. xoxo


Love grits. Yours look fabulous!

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