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i'd love the recipe for the self saucing lemon pudding! P.S. got here throu Kinja.


yes, please! Please share the lemon one?! My mother made a wonderful one but I don't have the receipe for it -- I think she had the recipe box buried with her. *oh, a slight exaggeration, but she wasn't as generous as you are with recipes* xoxo


Where can I find out how to convert your recipe amts. to cups etc.?


Mireille: mum said she'd email it to me. When she does, I'll post it!

Sharon: Try the online conversion link to the left. I'll try to amend the post this week to include cups measurements.


All I can say is....OH...MY...G-D

and...thanks for sharing


Sounds like my little brother,especially the farts.He has a sick,twisted sense of humor.Could,for all that,be anyone's little brother.In American English,please forgive us,this is called Chocolate Pudding Cake.It used to be available as a boxed cake mix.There was no forgiveable reason for discontinuing it.Many people got together and sent, by snail mail,the recipes around the world.It is delicious,and always worth the trouble,but DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WHILE DIETING.



You can still get it here in a box. You wwant me to send you some? You can get caramel and apple spice too.


This is my fav. desert of all time. I always muck around with directions and have found that espresso instead of the water is a great sub.


I saw this recipe and had to make it right away. Very nice results. Gooeyness varied across ramekins/cake pan, but I didn't photograph the maximum unctuousness: photo


Gah. I meant "Try the "online conversion" link on the right!" Not the "left".

amounts are converted now!

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