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I so totally want that pan!! I've had my eye on it for ages...perhaps I should buy it for Matt to give as an anniversary gift (closest gift-giving event)?!

You really have to be careful with Wilton colors; it's easy to end up with too light or too dark a color.

It's equally easy to end up with multi-colored fingers, too...


You didnt even get to eat the little wedge you cut out for the picture? YIKES!

They are supremely lovely. Thanks for the ideas, and I hope to see more fun things from that darling pan!


you are my hero.


These are the cutest things I've seen! I want that. Your recipe sounds wonderful and I have been wanting to make orange cake. Thanks.


Hi. This is the most beautiful site I've seen in a while. And since my New Years resolution is to learn how to cook I will be here daily. Referring back to the rice pudding: my grandmother made rice pudding that I thought cooked all day long, in a big heavy (4" high and 12" oval) pan something called Guardian ware. Probably not made any more...It had almost a crust when it was done. So one new meal a week starting with rice pudding. Thanks for your effort and Happy New Year!


Those look simple irresistable!


I think I would be walking around all disgruntled that I didn't get a whole cake. To myself. xoxo


You know I really don't need ideas like this. I'll probably find myself awake at two am thinking about your little cakes. The only thing that will save me from myself will be that my kitchen (and oven) are draped in plastic while things are repaired after our flood. Great post and beautiful pictures!

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