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Ian McKenzie

Sounds like a plan. I've already taken advantage of the weather and used the barbeque three times in the past couple of weeks.


Oh, this is just perfect! I'm moving to a HOUSE, so I can finally have a barbecue! Probably not in time for this event, but hey, I really, really look forward to the round-up! :)


It'like to be flying with a prototip of new plane!!! :-)
I don'have a BBQ but if I have the possibility to used one...sent you the recipe..
But in Italian it's very difficult to understand,or not??
I'm trying to translate in english...


Aw, c'mon...give the winner the barbecue. :)


Are we talking bbq or are we talking grilling? I'm in for either, just need more planning for the bbq.


As a Canadian, I use the word Barbeque to mean all manner of backyard gas, wood or charcoal cooking! I understand that there are some folks - mainly from the South for whom Barbque, means a particular kind of slowcooked meat in a tangy sauce. So to answer the question - you could do either bbq or grilling, as long as the recipe is meant to be cooked over a flame or embers and eaten outside. Preferably getting your face covered in sauce at the same time.


Ok. Arm has been twisted. Matt will love this.

Gabriella True

I am in! sounds like so much fun

Craig Strachan

Sounds like a great idea, here's a submission from South Africa, inspired by a French Recipe.


Braai Master

check out our film on the rules of BBQ (braai) etiquette at

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