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These look utterly amazing! Bookmarked for when it either becomes bbq weather again, or I buy a grill (whichever comes first ;))

One question - would mirin or sake be an acceptable replacement for chinese rice wine? I've never used the latter to cook before and don't want to buy a bottle just to make this...


What cut of beef did you use?


Ooo- I am drolling... these look wonderful. This sounds like the flavors of my favorite stir fry- sweet oniony meat. yum!


I'm sure you could use mirin or sake. I don't see why not.
I used blade roast, - which I can get already sliced paper thin in the forzen section of my local Chinese gorcery. You can get chicken and lamb done that way too. I think it's actually meant for Vietnamese Pho, but works great for this.


These look like works of art but they'd never last long on my table. Beautiful.


Made these over the weekend! They were a huge hit! Next time, I think, I'll add a piece of scallion to the pepper bundles.

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