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Looks sensational - especially those bits of the cake stained with grape juice!


My cousin and her husband grow some of those Okanagan grapes! I've been enjoying Missouri Concord grapes this year, none made it past the colander, however!


beautiful images. now im pining for those grapes!


I read your post this morning and I couldn't stop thinking about the grapes all day. I grew up with a grape vine in the backyard, but we mainly used the vine for the leaves. The grapes were always too bitter but I loved them anyway. I went shopping this afternoon and was very surprised to find baskets of Concord grapes at the Superstore. Well, I've been eating them since I got home, they are to die for.
So thanks for your post and for bringing attention to these little gems.


Once again, your photos are mouthwatering. Oh, those grapes.....!


Made this cake a couple days ago. Very tasty. I have lots of those little grapes left. Have you tried freezing this cake? I think it should be o.k. or do you think the grapes would make it too mushy?

Scott at RealEpicurean

On a related subject...

In my local store, Blueberries from Poland are selling at £2.50 for 100g (a ridiculous price).

On my recent holiday in Poland, we bought a carrier bag full, for 50p.

How does that work? That much in England would cost me more then £100!


Oh my. Swooning here [in New Mexico].


so *that's* what those grapes are called! I'm so excited to read this. I stumbled across some AMAZING grapes a year ago and didn't know what they were called. I'm now almost positive they were Okinagan grapes.

I commend you for having enough restraint to actually use them in a recipe. Mine never made it that far. :)


My mouth is watering i love anything sweet and grapes. Thanks for the recipe i will be making it for when the family comes over. Beautiful images.

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