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I'm so glad to see that you took part in CBBP #2. My family often brines olives at this time of year. I bet yours are delicious!


Not to worry about the lack of Canadian olives--this is a great post :)

Thanks for participating.



I admit to being too lazy to actually do the brining. That said, I love what you do with them after.

Thanks for sharing this great marinade.

Sarah Lou

I saw large crates of "raw" olives at the Italian grocer around this time last year. Being the foodie I am, I snapped a few pictures. What I really wanted, to complete the photos, was the story behind the brining process and it wasn't until your informative post that I learned of such. Thanks!


I'm looking for a grocer that carries an
assortment of moroccan foods (southside Edmonton). Especially orange flower water and oil-cured black olives. Thanks for any suggestions.

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