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Ahhhh,... so you've taken up my Sunday Cookfest tradition. Cool, huh?


This sounds delicious!
Could I substitute the Chinese rice wine with Japanese sake?


Oh, this is something Matt would adore. Me, I just love the smell of 5 spice powder.

Btw; we have your German peasant soup in our recipe queue...with the current cold freeze, I'm sure I'll be making it soon!


Dede - I don't see why you couldn't use sake - so long as it's not too sweet.


Mmmm... I bet Chinese black mushrooms/shiitake would work really well in that dish.


That lamb looks so tender! Mmmmm


I'm just writing a post about five-spice powder, and will link to this wonderful recipe. I love the pairing of five-spice with lamb.


Congratulations! I bet your baby will have all sorts of delicious things made for it - I remember trying out pumpkin with tahini on my then one-year-old, with reasonable success.


Congrats on the baby. I just listened to your review on CBC. It was nice to hear your voice. My mouth is watering now for pita and hummus.


I'm 4 months pregnant and have been resorting to the same food tactics, as the alternative is take-aways or bread and cheese...

But I'm impressed that it only takes you 1 hour on Sundays. My Sunday afternoons seem to be spent in the kitchen, planning for the week ahead. I'll have to rethink them...

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