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So how does it taste? When I was a kid my Mom made playdough for us and it was salty. Once I start making it for Kieran and Iris I'm sure they'll be putting it in their mouths too. They still have this habit - yesterday we had to come inside because Mommy told them if they put another rock in their mouths this is what would happen...

Lyn Stanley-Maddocks

Silas actually CHEWS the rocks. It makes this gross crunching noise and I am terrified he'll crack a tooth, besides which, it's gross.

Yep this stuff is very salty. Yuck.


oooooohhh... my 3 year old niece loves playdough! thank god she never picked up the habit of shoving anything in her mouth though. one less thing to worry about - although she does tend to lick or bite us in place of a kiss.

what does the salt do? i suppose using sugar would make it an ant haven. lol how long does this last? and how about adding food color after the dough is made?

Lyn Stanley-Maddocks

I think the salt is there as a preservative. Even bacteria and mold won't eat somethign taht salty! You could add food colour after, just be prepared to do a lot of kneading.



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